What is groupware?

Groupware is a type of computer software that enables individuals to collaborative work on projects through shared Internet interface to communicate within the group. Groupware enables you to manage your mails, all your contacts, different calendars and their tasks, synchronize them between your devices comfortably in the shortest possible time. All your data can be shared within the workgroup, with or without write access.

Our customers have high demands on collaborative business work. To make their collaboration easier we offer two product lines – One is based on Microsoft technology such as Microsoft Exchange Server and the other is an open source based software Zimbra Collaboration Suite.

Microsoft Exchange Server

Microsoft Exchange Server is a mail server and calendaring server developed by Microsoft. Exchange Server is licensed both in the forms of on-premises software and software as a service. In the on-premises form, customers purchase client access licenses (CALs). In the software as a service form, Microsoft receives a monthly service fee instead.

Zimbra Collaboration Suite

Zimbra Collaboration Network Edition provides Open, Secure and Private Collaboration Infrastructure. It provides the latest version of Exchange ActiveSync (EAS), which allow your users to sync their entire Mailbox, Calendar, Contacts and Tasks in their Mobile Devices such an iPhone, iPad, Android, etc. This option allow as well to connect Microsoft Outlook using EAS. If your users are using an Enterprise Email Client like Microsoft Outlook, in Mac OS X, Zimbra provides the Exchange Web Services, which allows your users connect their entire Mailbox in their favorite Apple Operating System. Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac and Microsoft Outlook 2016 are both supported.

Freedom of choice

To choose the right product we recommend a consultation, because the two product lines differ in some relevant points. Both solutions supported as terminals on both PCs and Mac, Linux and Windows, and as software, Outlook, Apple Mail and Calendar / Contacts, as well as Thunderbird. As a mobile device you can use almost everything Android, iPhone, Blackberry or Windows Phone.

Choose 10GB Exchange Mailbox or 25GB Exchange Mailbox, or configure the basic data of your individual Zimbra Mailbox.