Internet via LTE

New era of communications

Long Term Evolution, LTE, cannot really be defined as a technology. It is better seen as a path of evolution for wireless or mobile broadband connections. This technology is of importance for those people and businesses that suffer technical absence of DSL connection and where there are no fibre connections available. It could be that your geo-location makes traditional broadband solutions impossible or you move from one location to another, but very important to be online 24/7.

Geographically independent solution

Connectionpoint has created an ideal solution for its customers. The solution is completely managed, secured, developed, and maintained by connectionpoint. Speeds can reach up to 110/50 Mbps but is dependent on your geographical location. For special requirements, we are also able to offer radio-based relay solutions.

The other reason why LTE may be the best solution for you is if you or your workforce are highly mobile both within Switzerland and outside our solution will ensure you get highest possible speeds securely and reliably whilst not connected to a static broadband connection. For many businesses having a secure and effective mobile workforce telecommunications solution is becoming of increasing importance both from a physical and data security perspective.