VPN - Virtual Private Network

Virtual Private Network – why do I need it?

If you’re not being paranoid, it doesn’t mean that somebody not watching you. When you send a data to your server or web-site it does’t come directly to the destination. There is a numerous of man-in-the-middle chain units — local networks, routers, internet exchanges, transit servers. All of them can copy and read the data you send online. So if you concerned about your own privacy – use VPN. This is great option to hide your personal data behind the encrypted tunnel, unaccessible to any data operators from local Wi-Fi hotspot to the biggest international ISPs.

Stay there, travel everywhere

It is obvious that work with sensitive documents during the travel require an additional security. Using the VPN make you virtually stay in Switzerland. That means all the local government internet restrictions doesn’t apply to you. For example use of Google services and Facebook is restricted in China. Or even closer example — Germany Youtube restrictions. Those are the local problems, but not yours. Just use the VPN connection to bypass them with few clicks with our VPN services.

Security is never enough

If you have restricted access to your server, this is good security measure to make geographical restrictions for outside connections. There is good reason to use VPN when you want to access you digital premises from abroad. Because between you and VPN server will be established an encrypted secure tunnel where only you and server have the decryption keys, nobody outside that tunnel can decrypt the data you recieve and send through the internet.

(also perfectly combinable with our LTE product)