Time is money!

Spam infiltrating your company’s inbox causes a number of identifiable and recognizable costs.
Spam emails reduces the productivity of your employees, simply the time spent on deleting emails is wasted time, this may only be a few seconds a day add all of those up over the year, mulitplied by your employees and this time spent is really costing you money. Your bandwidth usage will increase as a result of your network having to deal with the additional mail traffic. Another cost factor to consider is user support related to mail overload and the negative operational impact related to malicious messages as they travel through your network.

Dangers of the spam

For a moment imagine the following scenario: an employee opens an email message that looks exactly as if it came from a colleague. He/She clicks on something in the email and suddenly the screen is blocked. Malware has entered your network and is trying to steal your confidential data or hold you ransom. Using sophisticated methods like this, often with the help of social engineering, can make even those who have been trained in assessing security risks click on the email.

Professional Spamfilter

Based on our experience and the continuous customer feedback and improvement cycle, we believe we offer you one of the best market solutions. The spam filter we use is from Spamexperts. It minimizes spammails and dangerous malware and prevents those emails from arriving on our mail servers. Our Email filters enable you in a easy manner to fine tune all of your mail flow. Redirect or discard messages with some special content or property. It also constantly compare incoming mail properties with most popular spam databases ensuring the highest possible level of protection against spam reaching your inbox.

Spamexperts provides a very powerful tool which allow you to whitelist or blacklist e-mails in sophisticated manner, for example it will enable you to put attachment restrictions and give you full statistical overview of your main flow. It detect malicious messages and sends them into spam quarantine. Using Spamexperts system does not only to cut off unwanted messages. This will also help to retrieve and whitelist important emails which have been directed to your spam folder due to some errors. For example when legitimate user shares the same IP address with spammer (because they may use the same shared hosting environment) the spamfilter could react on that mail incorrectly. In that case just add the email address to your whitelist.

Is it included into my hosting package?

Yes! The spam filter is already included in the shared hosting offers free of charge. Our hosting offer give you total control over anything related to mail with your domain including the sophisticated spamfilters.