At Connectionpoint we provide the complete range of telephony technologies to our cutomers. We offer both traditional and VoiP based solution or a mixture of those two depending on your requirement.

Our VoiP solution give you a number of benefits


It provides scalability as your telephony services will operate over “the Cloud”, meaning that you can add a virtually endless amounts of users and phones without needing to spend money on upgrades your phone system or a new one phone system.

Cost efficiency

Cost efficiency is another important consideration, VoiP means no more Swisscom line rental, no additional cabling needed when expanding, and a modular of adding new features or users.

VoiP will give you enhanced connectivity, ensuring that no matter where you go, your services will be available via a devices and internet connection.


No geographical limits as you are able to subscribe to telephone numbers, outside your geographical location, including outside Switzerland, giving you telephony presence in the areas of your choice.

Ease of use for both administrator and user through a easy to use web interface which gives you full control over the configuration of your phone(system)

If you require a new telephone system, we also offer Hosted VPBX.

Our system integrators are happy to assist you with the implementation of a VoIP telephone system at your location.