As a customer of a shared hosting package, you share our server with other customers – Ensuring low cost and maintenance efficiency. We offer different packages with different storage quotas.
The database is available to you from MariaDB – a derivative of MySQL – and as a programming language the widespread PHP – both the proven version 5 and the new stable version 7.

Cloudlinux isolation enables us to do daily updates of the servers, automatic maintenance of the CMS systems via Installatron and emergency protection of vulnerable applications via Patchman, giving you the highest level of security.

Are you a power user? Access the shell of your hosting account via SSH directly.

Reseller Hosting

Are you a web agency? Do you manage an extremely large number of websites? On our wholesale products – can be white-labelled according to your requirement – you can manage your own customers and define your prices to them yourself.

You will be able to define your own hosting packages for your customers. This is done via your own direct access to our WHM.

All functionality available in the shared hosting single packages will be accessible to you, enabling you to set the access rights granularly.


Unwanted emails can simply be a nuisance. More then that they can prove to be very costly for an organisation in time spent and the potential security threat they present to unsuspecting employees.
They cost both time and indescribable nerves. More than that, you even may catch a viruses!

Based on our experience and the continuous customer feedback and improvement cycle, we believe we offer you one of the best market solutions. The spam filter is from Spamexperts. It minimizes spammails and dangerous malware and keeps those emails from being mailed to the mail server.

The spam filter is already included in the shared hosting offers.


Groupware enables you to manage your mails, all your contacts, different calendars and their tasks, synchronize them between your devices comfortably in the shortest possible time. All your data can be shared within the workgroup, with or without write access.
Our customers needs vary, we offer two product lines – One based on Microsoft technology the other on open source software (Zimbra).

Both solutions supported as terminals on both PCs and Mac, Linux and Windows, and as software , Outlook, Apple Mail and Calender / Contacts, as well as Thunderbird.
As a mobile device you can use almost everything Android, iPhone, Blackberry or Windows Phone.

To choose the right product we recommend a consultation, because the two product lines differ in some relevant points.

Choose 10GB Exchange Mailbox or 25GB Exchange Mailbox, or configure the basic data of your individual Zimbra Mailbox.

Dedicated Server

Do you need:

  • Extremely high performance and/or extremely high storage space
  • Own administration by own system administrators with self defined rights
  • Complete freedom in choice of operating system – you are free to use your own Microsoft licenses or rented them from us
  • We can also offer you brand new hardware or refurbished servers – depending on your budget.

    A dedicate servers puts you in control.

    If the selected hardware has an integrated management module, this can be achieved via VPN if desired. This allows you to turn the server on and off 24/7, or even reinstall it.
    For extremely high bandwidths we offer connections up to multiple 10 Gbit / s.

    Already have a server? Then note this in the order form, we also offer free Rackspace.


    Do you require full control – a separate operating system with full root privileges?
    But a Dedicated Server, the best solution, doesn’t fit into your budget?

    No problem, Our VPS are based on KVM technology and are available on SSD and hard disk. The hardware resources can also adapt to changing requirements, or be moved between physical machines, between data centers, or even between countries.

    Internet via Fiber

    Internet via Fiber

    Are you already connected to the fiber optic network in Switzerland? This means you can get a high-speed internet connection from us.
    We offer FTTH throughout Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

    In selected networks in Switzerland, we have direct access to the fiber and can thus freely design our product line.

    Due to widely varying prices, different services and different conditions depending on the fiber optic network, we need your information for a non-binding offer based on your installation address and performance requirements

    Internet via DSL

    Fiber optics not available at your location?
    Do you need a connection using a completely independent technology solution?

    We offer Swiss-wide conventional DSL Internet access.

    Many locations also offer special DSL solutions, such as Layer2 links.

    Internet via LTE

    Suffering from slow DSL upload speeds and you still have no fiber?
    Do you require geo-independence, and do not have a cable connection everywhere?

    We have created the ideal solution for your particular need– via mobile communications. Completely managed, secured and maintained by us.

    Effective speed and availability is location dependent, but can be up to 100/50Mbps

    For special requirements we also offer radio relay solutions.


    Do you want to replace your telephone system, or are you still looking for solutions to continue operating the existing system for a few years?

    From the VoIP application on your mobile phone to the primary rate connection, we offer the whole range of possibilities

    If you require a new telephone system, we also offer Hosted VPBX.

    Our system integrators are happy to assist you with the implementation of a VoIP telephone system at your location.
    Falls sie Ihre Telefonanlage ganz loswerden möchten, bieten wir auch Hosted VPBX an.

    Order telephony for private use

    Order telephony for corporate use

    Porting form for extension blocks

    Porting form for individual connections

    Price list for telephony


    Looking for a comprehensive TV offer? Our fiber optic networks and our DSL connections are available at your disposal for our TV offer. For DSL and FTTH customers our Replay TV is available, on the fiber optic network of Init7 the product line Fiber7.tv with real-time TV.

    In Kloten we also offer TV via coaxial cable.

    Wifi Management

    In need of a professionally managed and maintained secure solution for your guests or customers who expect WiFi access at the restaurant or hotel?

    We know the needs of our customers very well and know that prompt services, especially at peak times, are important.

    We offer individual solutions to small restaurants to entire ski resorts or communities.

    Security – SSL certificates

    Free SSL Certificates by LetsEncrypt are integrated into our shared hosting plan.
    For many other purposes, it may still be worthwhile to obtain a commercially issued certificate.

    We offer certificates from RapidSSL starts at 20.- CHF net for a single-domain.

    Security – data backup

    Swiss Data Backup
    individual files within a few GB are backed up daily to high security bunkers. Due to our partnership we can offer a better price over direct order. Click here for the order form

    Need more? With our proven software in the hosting environment R1Soft we can secure entire server landscapes and restore them completely in case of disaster. (so-called ‘Bare-Metal Recovery’).

    Direct supported databases from R1soft are: MySQL (and derivatives) and MSSQL.
    Also specifically supported is Microsoft Exchange.

    Secure VPN

    Are you often in public WiFis on the way, or rely on a Swiss IP address for technical reasons? Often travel to countries with heavily regulated internet like China? Do you no longer receive public IP from your ISP or do you want to finally use IPv6?

    (also perfectly combinable with our LTE product)