Best solution for a start!

Want to have a perfect solution for your web project, but a Dedicated Server doesn’t fit into your budget? Dont worry, VPS is the best answer for a people who would like to have full control over the server, but tight on a budget. Perhaps you want to save money and try VPS for a start, before moving your project to dedicated server? This is also possible with Connectionpoint services!

VPS stands for a Virtual Private Server. This is a perfect solution to get the advantages of dedicated server for decent price. Our virtual private servers are a very customisible products giving you ultimate freedom to choose how many RAM or HDD space and type you need. You can extend VPS parameters in the future when you will need more resources for your web-server. And needless to say that you also can choose operating system and special software to install on your virtual server.

This is perfect for a starting online business or test projects with few resources for a decent price. Anyhow VPS share the underlying physical hardware with other VPS accounts, that means that performance may be lower than dedicated server and depend on the workload of any other executing virtual machines.

Virtual Private Server

Unbelievable flexibility

Our VPS are based on KVM(Kernel-based Virtual Machine) technology and available on SSD disks – giving you much better performance than common VPS based on slow hard disks. The hardware resources can also adapt to changing requirements, or be moved between physical machines, between data centers, or even between countries.

Connectionpoint Virtual Private Servers are based in datacenters physically located across the Switzerland. They can be offered with constant backup service, IPv6, additional VPN accounts and firewall protection.