Internet via DSL

What is digital subscriber line or DSL?

VDSL is quite new technology which stands for Very-high-bit-rate digital subscriber line. It makes use of the old wiring system, both inside your home and the connection from the street cabinet to your home or business. In some areas fiber optic broadband may not be available, but VDSL is claimed to be available at 95% of buildings in Switzeland. In order to split the signal between your broadband and your voice we supply you with a splitter, which splits the signal enabling you to be online and use the phone at the same time. DSL has for a long time been the most popular choice for broadband as it utilizes the existing network of Swisscom and other major providers. Modern DSL connection allow you to use internet on speed up to 300Mbit for download stream, and 100Mbit for upload.

DSL advantages

This means Connectionpoint can help you if there is no fibre available at your location. We offer Swiss-wide conventional VDSL internet access and in many locations we are able to offer special solutions, such as Layer2 links. Because of high availability, the installation of home/office DSL connection is fast and easy.